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Shadow kill pot 500k log. humbuckereille

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Shadow kill pot 500k log. humbuckereille
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Tuote 101953. Kitaran potentiometri. SHADOW 500K LOG. KILL POT (SH-124-500). Maailmalla hyvin suosittu potikka rokkinikkarien piireissä. Humbuckereille. You tubessa voi kuunnella miten ääntä pätkitään:

Since rock music began to go wild and loud in the 1960s the machine-gun sound effect with an electric guitar is one of the most important characteristics.

If you strum a chord, turn the volume of one pickup down the other pickup on and move your toggle fast up and down, it shreds your sound. This is the so called machine-gun sound effect which you can listen in countless rock songs. So far so good but those radical actions destroyed innumerable toggle switches.

Now, Shadow solved this annoying problem: The SH 124 Kill Pot is a unique potentiometer with a momentary push switch for electric guitars, which momentarily kills the sound by stroking it up and down. By pushing it up and down quickly it creates an extraordinary sound effect which is known from the wild Rock n Roll days you can now create your own machine gun sound effect with your guitar. This preserves your toggle switch and is much more comfortable to handle.

You can install the SH 124 Kill Pot easily in any common electric guitar. Because of its 16 mm bushing, it even suits arch-top guitars. The Kill Pot replaces the standard potentiometer of your electric guitar. It is up to you if you choose to replace your volume or tone pot.

Of course, by replacing your standard potentiometer with the SH 124 Kill Pot you do not lose the feature of the old one. You can also control either the volume or tone with the Kill Pot and additionally it gives you the opportunity to easily create an astonishing sound effect.

The SH 124 guarantees 2 million of those pushes which assures numerous machine-gun sounds. From this point of view, the SH 124 Kill Pot is a real killer!

Hard-wearing, specially designed potentiometer with momentary push-switch Mounting busing: 16 mm; M7 x 0.75 thread.
SH 124-25 (25kOhm) for active pickups
SH 124-250 (250kOhm) for single coil pickups
SH 124-500 (500kOhm) for humbucker pickups


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