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Alcatel 39-4696 RF power resistor 100 ohm / 30W

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Alcatel 39-4696 RF power resistor 100 ohm / 30W
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Tuote 106567. RF tehovastus RF power resistor Alcatel (taitaa olla nykyään Diconex) 39-4696, 100 ohm 30W DC - 2.5 GHz. These products contain beryllium oxide. The material is between the heat sink and the chip, improving thermal conductivity. With the right use, the substance does not get out of the way. If you do not know about the substance, nothing will be seen while watching Wikipedia. Input soldering flange, GND in metal. The specs can be found online.
It is imperative that this product is sufficiently attached to a large heat sink and used with silicon or other heat.

With this terminal you can really make a very high quality inductance-free load. Or get the inductance always from the strings, etc. ... but keep the joints short.

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