SP-Elektroniikka ... Pienen puuhastelijan asialla jo vuodesta 1984

Foreign customers are most welcome !

Please sign in first and fill registration. After registration, please send inquirie with your registration number to email: info(at)spelektroniikka.fi to get more information and know more about benefits if you are proffessional user of musical parts.

Few words about us. We are family owned company and we have been in business since 1984.
We have three main categories in our business:

  1. Electronic components / electronic parts
  2. Musical instruments building parts / musical instruments
  3. Fly tying parts / fly fishing items.

We have very skilled workers and all of them has a long working history in our company. In every case we do our best to offer you very good service.

To inform you about pricing, our visible prices in our main web site includes Finnish vat 24%:

  1. If you are private customer without tax and live in EU, then all prices which you see are for you.
  2. If you are private customer and shipping  address is outside EU, then we can deduct Finnish VAT.
  3. If you are company in EU with valid EU vat number, we can deduct Finnish VAT.
  4. And if you are as earlier (3) + also re-seller, luthier, school etc ... involved to musical business or selling musical parts, using musical parts to work, building musical instrument etc ... You get extra deduction from musical parts.
  5. And finally if you are company outside EU and like (4). We can again deduct Finnish vat and you get also extra deduction from musical parts.


All foreign payments are payment before shipping.

EU customers:
Firstly we check shipment costs and inform you how to continue. You can use transfer with IBAN numbers or we can also accept paypal payment, in case of paypal 4.8% paypal fee is added to total amounth.

Non EU customers:
Payment via Paypal, we check shipment costs and inform you how to continue. In case of paypal 4.8% paypal fee is added to total amounth.


We always use most economical way (Finnish Post with tracking number).

If you have your own forwared accout (Fedex, DHL etc ...) we can also use that if you like.

Other things:

After you have made order, we check that all are in stock and if some items missing, we inform about that also. When we have agreement about what items should be in that shipment and know the weight of shipment we inform total value including shipping costs.

Basically as rule of thump we could say that shipping costs inside EU starts with small packets approx. from 10 eur. Which is minimum. Packing is 5 eur. We inform you about exact shipping costs before sending payment info. All our shipments have a tracking number.

If use your courier account, packing is 5 eur.

More detailed pricing / approximate shipping time is coming later to this page.

SP-Elektroniikka Oy
Merikoskenkatu 12
FI-90500, Oulu
tel. +358-8-5565 858
Business ID: 1007918-9