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Guitar pickup switch 2 x 3 ST style OL3WAYSW

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Guitar pickup switch 2 x 3 ST style OL3WAYSW
Guitar pickup switch 2 x 3 ST style OL3WAYSW
Guitar pickup switch 2 x 3 ST style OL3WAYSW
Guitar pickup switch 2 x 3 ST style OL3WAYSW
Guitar pickup switch 2 x 3 ST style OL3WAYSW
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Product 101902. Guitar pickup switch 2 x 3 ST style OL3WAYSW. OL3WAYSW, high quality sturdy cast body original Korean shotgun switch with shotgun contacts. The contacts are pre-shorted at the factory for special applications. During commissioning, cut off the short-circuit loops with the side cutters if you are making normal guitar connections. Screws and black knob included. The knobs in our VIPNUP series are suitable for this switch, which is also available in different colors. Grounding lugs on the frame. Note! This is not a switch made with PCB contacts, that PCB protects the mechanics. (DO NOT OPEN THE SCREWS .. the bows and shots will fly out). The common poles are 5 and 4. Contacts take place:

5> 6/5> 7/5> 8 as well as

4> 1/4> 2/4> 3.


Quality pickup switch with die cast body, 5 and 4 are common contacts. Grounding contacts for body. Mounting screw spacing 41.27mm (1.625 "). 3mm thread in mounting holes. Body depth 28.0mm (1.102"). Lever: 1mm x 3.4mm (0.039 "x 0.134"), screws and black Knob.

Lastly, a close-up of the mechanics of the OL microswitch switch after the cover plate has been removed.

Last picture shows Mechanics of OL switch, cover removed.


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