DD-100, Digital Delay

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DD-100, Digital Delay
DD-100, Digital Delay
DD-100, Digital Delay
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Tuote 100966. Digital Delay DD-100.
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Features: Indicator LED, on/off footswitch,
Controls - Effect Level, Feedback,
Delay Time, Mode controls with additional
Warp, reverse & hold features - rotary knobs,
all the same features as the Boss equivalent!
6 modes of delay, Delay time of over 4
seconds, Tap Tempo facility, Counter reverse
Warp mode, Looping function - record a riff,
then play over the top of it! Awesome!
72mm wide, 60mm tall, 128mm long.
Connections: 2 x Input, 2 x Output (Stereo), 1 x Power supply inlet
Effect Level control - used to control the output level of the effect
Feedback control - used to adjust how many times the delay is repeated
D. Time control - used to adjust the delay time.
Mode control - Normal delays of 2000ms, 600ms, 250ms, 65ms, plus reverse,
warp (has to be heard!), and hold (used to record a riff then play over it)
Connectors: 2 x 1/4" Jack Inputs, 2 x 1/4" Jack Outputs (Stereo).

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