Minivahvistin kitaralle PGS-5

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Minivahvistin kitaralle PGS-5
Minivahvistin kitaralle PGS-5
Minivahvistin kitaralle PGS-5
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Tuote 112103. Minivahvistin kitaralle PGS-5. Henkilökohtainen musiikkikeskus ... kaikkea ne keksii. Älyttömän monipuolinen pieni ladattava vahvistin, äänittää micro USB kortille (ei mukana). Tehot tietenkin mitättömät, mutta karmivaa säröä saa aikaan kun volumea vatkaa. Hollanninkielistä selitystä asiasta.

Lainaus amazonin ylistyspuheesta: GLX PGS-5 5 WATT MINI ELECTRIC GUITAR USB RECHARGEABLE PRACTICE RECORDING AMPLIFIER There is so much this little amplifier has to offer that we are unable to list all its attributes suffice to say you will not disappointed. This is the GLX GPS-5 5w Powerstation amp with clean and overdriven sound. When you insert a TF Card you can play stored mp3 or .wav files, you can also jam along to the audio file stored on the card, plus you can record your guitar playing direct to the card, and then jam a long with what you've recorded. There is also two extra inputs, 1 aux in and 1 mic in - these are mini jack ins, but if you plug in another guitar into the mic input and a keyboard into the aux channel you will be able to record all three instruments to the card. The USB slot and cable provided connect the amp to your PC or MAC and once connected it starts to recharge the internal battery. (any USB charger will do the job) You can also access the TF card, adding more song files or removing files you've already recorded . When in USB mode connected to your computer, you can use the PSG-5 as a guitar input for your DAW software. The Belt clip on back unslots and then can turned into stand for the PSG-5. 5 WATT OUTPUT HARD PLASTIC CASE BELT CLIP STAND GAIN CONTROL VOLUME CONTROL TONE CONTROL DRIVE AND CLEAN SOUNDS HEADPHONE OUTPUT (HEADPHONES NOT INCLUDED) MP3 CONTROLS,PLAY/STOP/FORWARD/BACKWARD/EQ setting 9 VOLT BATTERY(SUPPLIED) TF CARD SLOT WEIGHT - 260 GRAMS INC BATTERY GUITAR INPUT(FOR POWER ON & INST.CONNECTION RECHARGEABLE VIA USB CABLE(INCLUDED) DIMENSIONS 98(W) x 139(H) x 46(D) MM ETC ETC


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