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Quick jaw Regent vise fly bench table edge model A TFH ™

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Quick jaw Regent vise fly bench table edge model A TFH ™
Quick jaw Regent vise fly bench table edge model A TFH ™
Quick jaw Regent vise fly bench table edge model A TFH ™
Quick jaw Regent vise fly bench table edge model A TFH ™
Quick jaw Regent vise fly bench table edge model A TFH ™
Quick jaw Regent vise fly bench table edge model A TFH ™
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Product 100545. Quick jaw Regent vise fly bench table edge model A TFH ™. Unique cam-action is quick & easy to operate yet holds hooks very securely. Popular vise that is ideal for serious tyers. Features include: brass fittings head angle is adjustable rotating jaws stem height is adjustable clamps to a wide range of table thicknesses. Fly tying bench so-called  quick jaw bench is also known as spring vise (vice), crown vise (vice). These benches are also used by many small ice makers. The advantage of such benches is the speed of use. The jaws open when you squeeze the handle and close when you loosen the handle, there is no separate adjustment for the clamping force of the jaws. The jaws hold the hooks of different sizes well in place thanks to their hook groove.

In the product, storage grease / oil / coating residues, etc ... should be wiped off before use.

General information about Indian benches:

Indian benches are very popular among binders. In Finland, they have been sold here also for a very long time.

Characteristic of Indian benches is a certain appearance of a handmade product, the finish is often not on top of the last one, and after the surface treatment the product has not been wiped off at least every place, but there are residues left in the product. The jaws work very well with the most commonly used size 8 # - 14 # hooks, the jaws often have a grip-increasing hook groove where the hook bend is placed, depending of course on the jaw model. Many, on Indian benches, tie even bigger hooks and smaller ones, it again depends on what kind of jaws it is.

The great popularity of the benches is based on the functionality in fly tying and the low price, as long as you remember the above things and keep some kind of sense in your demands. The more expensive "western" brand benches then already have a choice to refine.

The quick-release bench is easy to use. The upper lever is lightly pressed so that the tips of the jaw open approx. 1-2 mm. The lever does not need to be pressed hard, and in extreme cases there is a risk of the brass mounting block of the jaws cracking. The jaws are made of steel and slightly bent, giving the compressive force and the restoring force of the steel itself.

The jaws of this bench have a hook groove that is worth using, the hook in the hook groove stays much better in the jaws. The hook bend is placed in the hook groove and the bench adjustments put the hook in a suitable position.

The clamping force of the jaws of the quick-release bench cannot be adjusted separately from any screw.

Locking of the "nod joint" with a hex screw. Rotation of the jaws with a "ball" or a brass "thumbscrew" depending on the model. The jaws rotate 360 degrees, the arm rotates 360 degrees. Arm lock. Fixing to the edge of the table. Weight 1850g. The maximum thickness of the table top is 55 mm.

The product may contain storage grease / oil, oxidation left over from the coating step / rusty sanding dust, etc ... it is advisable to wipe it off before use so as not to unnecessarily clog your hands. 


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