Digital Hour Meter

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Digital Hour Meter
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Product SKT23033. Digital Hour Meter. Easy to install. The meter can be attached with two screws or a cable tie. Compact, only approx. 36 x 54mm, splash proof. Works on all internal combustion engine machines wherever there is a plug wire around which the meter cable of this meter can be rotated 4 to 6 turns. Great game for maintenance interval tracking etc. No battery. Watertight. Remember that the Hourmeter counts down the hourly increments, ie 1/10 of the hour is 6 minutes, and after that six minutes, the meter increments by 0.1 hour.

Twist the supplied wire 4-6 turns around the wire around the plug and make sure, for example, with a cable tie, that the "transformer secondary winding" that you make cannot be discharged. Also, make sure that the end of the cord does not touch the body of the cable. The more revolutions and the better the roll beside, the better the signal you get to the meter.
Turn on your keychain and wait at least that 6 min to see if the meter measures 0.1h. If this happened, attach the gauge part to something (this gauge sleeve may be on the side of the motor wire but not in the hot area or near the hot parts). If no step is taken, turn off your strap and make sure that the straps are securely around the plug wire next to each other and also make sure the other end of the strap is securely in the slot on the meter.


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