Virityskoneisto 10020520.01.50 Schaller M6 135 19.5 Kulta 6L Staggered Locking

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Virityskoneisto 10020520.01.50  Schaller M6 135 19.5 Kulta 6L Staggered Locking
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Tuote SVR21039. Virityskoneisto 10020520.01.50  Schaller M6 135 19.5 Kulta 6L Staggered Locking. Gear ratio 1:18. The new M6 is the legend perfected. With the original M6 having set the standard for closed-type tuning machines worldwide for half a century the new M6 offers numerous upgrades and improvements without losing its iconic halo. M6 small button.


Introducing the all new M6 and M6 Mini tuning machine series – featuring 18:1 Velvet-Tec™ and LX6-Lube™ for unparalleled tuning precision and comfort.

Topped off with matching Schaller hardware the new M6 and M6 Mini will offer the perfect choice of iconic style and state-of-the-art engineering.

Note: The new M6 shares the identical footprint with its predecessor and can easily be swapped with no modifications necessary.
Additionally the new M6 centering-washer will allow for trouble-free installation and perfectly and permanently centered stringposts (see tab "Images").


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