Hihnalukko Schaller 14010201 Kromi pari

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Hihnalukko Schaller 14010201 Kromi pari
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Tuote 114725. Hihnalukko Schaller 14010201 Kromi pari. The Original! Ingenious design, superb materials and outstanding quality define our worldwide market leader. For decades the most popular strap lock system for guitar and bass. Protects your instrument by preventing accidental release of strap. Including high-grade felt washers for ultimate protection of guitar's finish. Including additional pair of extra-log screws for use on Gibson models. Price per pair.



Model: Metal Finish: Polished Surface: Chrome Model: Packed in Pairs Weight g/item: 22

Laipan halkaisija n. 22 mm. Yhden hihnalukon paino (sis. lukko-osa, mutteri, laippa, hinanuppi, ruuvi) n. 23g.


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