Talla sähkökitara Schaller Hannes hiilikuitu 12010200 Kromi

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Talla sähkökitara Schaller Hannes hiilikuitu 12010200 Kromi
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Tuote 114636. Talla sähkökitara Schaller Hannes hiilikuitu 12010200 Kromi. The new Hannes® bridge by Schaller - best of all worlds! A splendid fusion of innovation and tone in top quality - straightforward and noble.


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The basic facts: by far the most comfortable bridge on the market; the perfect blend of the acoustic properties of all current bridge designs; impresses with detailed highs, fast attack and a well-defined, powerful and harmonic sound; touch-friendly material and smooth surface with no edges wear-free by waiving of metallic coatings at the string contact points; fresh, but unobtrusive look which gives the guitar design still a more noble apparance. Supplied with accessories.Features Model: Carbon fiber Support: Adjustable Surface: Chrome Measurements l x w x h (mm): 74x54x12 Weight g/item: 110 Bore mm: 5,5
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