SD-100, Soft Distortion

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SD-100, Soft Distortion
SD-100, Soft Distortion
SD-100, Soft Distortion
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Tuote 100971. Soft Distortion SD-100.
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Features: Indicator LED, on/off footswitch, Controls - Effect Level, Low, High, Sustain,
Gain controls - rotary knobs, all the same features as the Boss equivalent!
Dual Gain circuitry
Totally new style of distortion pedal - warm and soft sound, but with sustain control
Effect Level control - used to control the output level of the effect
Low control - used to adjust the lower frequencies of the effect
High control - used to adjust the upper frequencies of the effect
Sustain control - used to add sustain
Dist control - use to cut or boost the distortion level
Connections: 1 x Input, 1 x Output, 1 x Power supply inlet
72mm wide, 60mm tall, 128mm long.

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