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Putkiperhotyökalu, model 3 TFH™

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Putkiperhotyökalu, model 3 TFH™
Putkiperhotyökalu, model 3 TFH™
Putkiperhotyökalu, model 3 TFH™
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Tuote 108360. Putkiperhotyökalu, putkiperhojen sidonnan apuväline. Työkalu putkiperhojen sitomista varten normaalilla perhonsidontapenkillä, sopii kaikkiin penkkeihin. Materiaali: messinki / teräs. Mukana n. 1 x 0.9 mm, 1 x 1 mm ja 1 x 1.2 mm neula. Neulojen pituus 115mm. Setin paino n. 20g.A four piece tube fly attachment set, to fit all vise (vice) jaws. This tube fly attachment will fit onto your vise (vice) and make tube fly tying much easier. The attachment comes with a set of three needles, for attaching to the tool and allowing the tube to be held at a variety of lengths. The attachment is brass and has a knurled operating knob, to release the needle and adjust the fly body length. A must have item for the fly tyer who wants to try tying tube flys themselves, making tying these types of fly easier. Brass tube bodkin.

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