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MS-147 Hirose connector DC to 6 GHz ultra-small switch

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MS-147 Hirose connector DC to 6 GHz ultra-small switch
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Tuote 114207. MS-147 Hirose connector DC to 6 GHz ultra-small switch.

The ultra-small MS-147 coaxial switch series
was developed for the portable terminal interface
and for inspection of microwave boards (substrates)
(DC – 6GHz) used at high frequencies.
To respond to the development of portable
terminal technologies and popularization of highfrequency
applications – up to 6GHz – this
switch features low loss, low profile, and light
The switch circuit is designed so that the NC
terminal is connected to the C terminal without a
plug mated. Mating with a plug opens this
Vertical mounting structure allows the switch to
be placed near the antenna of the portable
terminal and used to inspect output and switch to
an external antenna.

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