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UNI - Caenis, UNI - Trico ja UNI -kevlar

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UNI -Products päävalikkoon

UNI - Caenis the smallest fly tying thread ever. Spooled on bobbins of 200 yds. Black and White. Single ply construction.
Existing threads are often too bulky for tiers who work with hooks smaller than size 20. UNI - Trico, the leader in innovative spooled materials, comes to the rescue with our new 17/0 Trico thread. This extra-fine, white, polyester thread, is amazingly strong for its diameter. Perfect for caenis, trico, tiny baetis, and micro-caddis patterns.
UNI - 3/0 Kevlar is a very strong thread for materials which require considerable force to attach to the hook. The continuous filaments lie flat on the hook. 3/0 Kevlar comes in a single natural colour.

Uni - Caenis, black
Tuote 101393. UNI -Caenis sidontalanka 20 denieriä... 
1,82 €
Uni - Caenis, white
Tuote 101394. UNI -Caenis sidontalanka 20 denieriä... 
1,82 €
Uni - Trico 17/0, white
Tuote 101395. UNI -Trico sidontalanka 17/0 (40... 
2,02 €
Uni - Kevlar 3/0 Nat Yellow
Tuote 101448. Uni -Kevlar 3/0 Nat Yellow. 
3,23 €
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