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Nyt varastossa GLX Boss-Hog -series efektipedaaleja kitaralle ja bassolle. Hyviä arvosteluja saaneet laadukkaat efektit, edulliseen hintaan. Englanninkieliset ohjeet.
Tietenkin myös pedaaliboxi joka on Boss efekti yhteensopiva.
These pedals are hideously well made. All metal casing with rubber footpedal cover, hard wearing pots which feel like they'll last forever - it just screams quality at you! Power is available either a 9v Power supply (not supplied) or a 9v PP3 battery (supplied). Battery changes are simple - undo the thumbscrew and the lid springs open, change the battery and tighten the thumbscrew and away we go again!
Also worth a butchers is the accompanying pedal board (not included) - heavy duty ABS, with all power supplies and sockets housed in one board which, you've guessed it, it also good for Boss pedals!

Wah Wah pedaali GLX
60,00 €
NG-100, GLX noise gate
Tuote 100962. GLX noise gate. 
54,60 €
PH-100, GLX -phaser
123,52 €
OD-100, GLX -overdriver
Tuote 100965. GLX -overdriver. OD-100. 
60,00 €
DD-100, Digital Delay
140,09 €
CH-100, Super Chorus
65,45 €
BOD-1, Bass Overdriver BOD-1
Tuote 100968. Bass Overdriver BOD-1. 
59,20 €
RV-100, Digital Reverb
139,38 €
FL-100, Flanger FL-100
53,13 €
SD-100, Soft Distortion
54,74 €
HM-100, Heavy Metal
Tuote 100972. Heavy Metal HM-100. 
63,20 €
DS-100, Distortion
Tuote 100973. Distortion DS-100. Jos tuotteen hinta... 
50,00 €
DC haaroitin Virranjakokaapeli efekteille jne ...  1x2.1mm in / 5x2.1 mm out
Tuote 109225. DC haaroitin Virranjakokaapeli efekteille jne... 
6,90 €
DC haaroitin Virranjakokaapeli efekteille jne ...  1x2.1mm in / 8x2.1 mm out
Tuote 115147. DC haaroitin Virranjakokaapeli efekteille jne... 
8,00 €
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